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Fright & Delight

For the American contingent in London, NEC members Jane Hines, Amy Robson and Blake Pike created a spectacular Halloween party for grown-ups in 2005. Featuring costumes to rival the most outrageous of London’s West End theatre or Broadway, each annual event followed themes such as Gods & Monsters, Famous & Infamous, Round the World in 80 Days or Mardi Gras.

In 2009, the event turned to children’s entertainment. 568 children and their families enjoyed a private screening and lunch, raising over £15,000. Overall, Fright & Delight raised over £370,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Past Events

  • Celebrity Charm Bracelet
    Snowflake Ball 2015
    Theatrical Turn the Tables
    Sporting Turn the Tables
  • Scottish Turn The Tables
    Midnight Sun to Dead Sea Car Rally
    Kids for the Cure - Children's Screening
    Fright & Delight
  • Celebrity Charm Necklace
    The Cancer Research UK Carol Concert